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Official Review of "Baby Dragon's Big Sneeze" by Sheryl Bass

Sheryl Bass has written a book for children titled "Baby Dragon's Big Sneeze". This book tells the story of a young dragon who accidentally destroyed a town because he was very ill and in need of medical attention. Will the people of the town be kind to this young dragon, or do they have evil plans for him?

This is a fantasy book written for children that focuses on dragons. Children's interest is sure to be piqued by the fact that the illustrations emphasise the subject matter of this book as being about what dragons are capable of. Because it is a relatively short book, parents should be able to finish reading it to their children in a single sitting. In addition to that, it is written in rhyme, which is sure to keep a young child interested. Through the reading of this book, children will learn what they can do to help a sick person and how to assist them.

I thought the illustrations were beautiful, and they made me feel like I was part of a fairy tale. In addition to this, I appreciated how the author began the book, as it immediately grabbed my attention from the very first page. It was a nice touch that the dragon acknowledged his mistakes and accepted responsibility for them. Young readers can learn a valuable lesson from this.

This book earns a perfect score of 5 out of 5 stars from me because I can think of nothing negative to say about it. I think that reading about a baby dragon is a great way for young readers to learn about how to care for someone who is ill, because what better way is there to learn this than by reading about a baby dragon? The book appears to have been edited to perfection, as I was unable to locate any mistakes while reading it.

Children who aren't feeling well and could use a pick-me-up would benefit from reading this book.

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