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Midwest Book Review: Baby Dragon's Big Sneeze

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Diane Donovan, Editor
Children's Bookwatch: May 2023, The Picturebook Shelf
Midwest Book Review

Remesh Ram provides colorful, fun illustration to Sheryl Bass's exploration as a sick baby dragon who finds that his fiery sneezes are causing problems for everyone around him. Can those threatened by his destructive potential find it within their hearts to forgive and help him? One little girl bravely enters the cave to discover the truth about this fiery dragon's desperate situation.

Bass provides all kinds of emotional lessons in her story, from empathy and problem-solving to courage, family connections, unexpected relationships that can emerge from adversarial situations, and understanding one's world. Parents of kids who love fairytales and dragon stories will find the book's initial allure and promise of a dragon situation will give them the edge to open discussions about emotional topics that kids of this age typically don't understand.

Baby Dragon's Big Sneeze teaches kids ages 3-7 about empathy and trust, and will delight read-aloud parents seeking books that are attractive for their adventures and emotional insights. School and community libraries will find Baby Dragon's Big Sneeze colorful, attractive, and a popular choice for read-aloud parents and kids who love fantasy stories.

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