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Fairy Belle's Read Along: Baby Dragon Finds His Family by Sheryl Bass and Remesh Ram

Discover the power of kindness and connection with Baby Dragon in this enchanting sequel to Baby Dragon’s Big Sneeze.

A dragon gets named by their mom or their dad—but Baby Dragon has been living with humans. So he embarks on a quest to find others of his kind. Along the way, he encounters three mythical creatures who need his help: an elf, a unicorn and a fairy. In turn, Baby Dragon’s new friends provide him with special gifts that help him on the next leg of his journey and teach him valuable lessons about:

The power of kindness.

The meaning of family.

The importance of belonging.

Will stopping to help his new friends take Baby Dragon away from his journey or will he ultimately find the family he seeks?

Transport children into a magical world created through the imaginative rhymes of Sheryl Bass and the rich, vibrant illustrations of Remesh Ram.

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